Eyelid correction

Xanthelasma treatment by PlexR

Xanthelasma spots are subcutaneous grease deposits, yellowish in color, that tend to invade the top and bottom of the eyelids or even the entire area around the eyes.

Xanthelasma treatment by PlexR

How Plexr technology works for Xanthelasmas

Plexr technology allows fast and effective treatment of Xanthelasma spots. Your doctor uses the Plexr handpiece to delineate the area to be treated with dotted lines. The tissues within this area will be sublimated ("vaporized") and the spots of Xanthelasma will be emptied of their deposit.

Xanthelasma treatment by PlexRThis sublimation [1] by Plexr does not cause sagging, discoloration or bleeding and does not require any anesthesia with the exception of a numbing cream.

This technique arises from the need to intervene on dermatological lesions or cutaneous imperfections in areas where it is very difficult to use the laser (because of the reflection coefficient or absorption) or electrocoagulation (due to low electrical conductivity of some tissues).

With the Plexr the treated area immediately cools and does not overheat the surrounding tissue. This is a very safe technique.

How does Xanthelasma treatment with Plexr work ?

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Xanthelasma treatment without surgery

The intervention is simple and fast as shown in the video :
• The patient covers the area with numbing cream, which makes the treatment more comfortable.
• The Plexr electric arc vaporizes Xanthelasma usually in 1 or 2 sessions in 90% of cases.
Just after the treatment, the area is almost natural

The patient may clean the area normally, being careful not to rub the treated area.
The results obtained by Plexr on xanthelasmas are generally very satisfactory.

Potential contraindications to xanthelasma treatment by Plexr

They are rare but your doctor will tell you during your first information appointment if you can present contraindications.

After your xanthelasma treatment

Before / After Xanthelasma treatment by PlexR

The skin regains its natural pigmentation without modification of the surrounding tissues. However, some hyperpigmentation may arise on darker skins.
A liquid foundation can be applied.
The patient can immediately resume their activities, without any restriction, taking into account that each treated area will experience temporary redness or blackening depending on the patient and the type of treatment.

The cost of a Plexr session for Xantelasma

Your first aesthetic consultation appointment will be charged €45 tax included.
The cost of a session varies according to the number of lesions to be treated.
The price of a Plexr session against Xanthelasmas will be specified during the quote / information consultation.

Publication date: 2020-06-05