Aestetical treatment prices

Vascular lesions treatment price

Rates for the treatment of vascular lesions vary according to many medical criteria and the size of the area to be treated.
We will therefore not be able to communicate the precise prices to you by telephone or e-mail. It is therefore important that you meet with one of our doctors before any treatment.

Before Varicosities (Lower limb) traitement
Regarding the treatment of spider veins of the lower limbs, it is strongly recommended to bring the results of a recent ultrasound-doppler (venous ultrasound) with you.
Lasers do not treat varicose veins: if your problem concerns varicose veins, you should discuss this with your GP or family doctor who will direct you to a phlebologist.
Aestetical consultation
First consultation 45€
Vascular lesions treatment
Couperose / Erythrosis Between 120€ and 200€/session
Angiomas (stellar and ruby) From 90€/session
Télangiectasias (apparent vessels of the face) Between 90€ and 200€/session
Varicosities (Lower limbs) From 150€/session

Publication date: 2020-06-08