Aestetical treatment prices

Vaginal rejuvenation treatment price

The Center Laser Sorbonne did not do this treatment anymore.

The prices for treatment of vaginal dryness and the tightening of both lips and vagina depend on the number of sessions needed (usually 3).
The SmaXel laser can treat vaginal dryness, loosened vagina and lips, recurrent vaginal infections and certain forms of urinary incontinence.

Recommandations before your vaginal rejuvenation treatment
This is a cosmetic gynecological treatment. It is therefore essential to make a first consultation appointment with one of our doctors in order to establish a treatment protocol.
It is essential to have the results of a pap smear dating back to less than a year.
Aestetical consultation
First consultation 45€
Laser treatment
Lips area From 250€/session
Vagina area From 350€/session

Publication date: 2020-06-09