Cryolipolysis & Cellulite

Recommendations for cryolipolysis

LipoContrast DUO® is recommended to treat localised and not generalised fat pockets. Patients often have a normal weight.
Sometimes they will have successfully completed a Dukan-type diet and retained rolls that are resistant to both diet and regular physical exercise.
Here you will find examples of patients for whom treatment by LipoContrast DUO® is recommended.

A good fit for LipoContrast DUO®

Localized fat pockets :

  • Mainly located around the waist, abdomen, love handles and lower back
  • In some cases, arms and upper thighs
  • Generally patients (male or female) who respond best to this treatment have a weight that is considered normal, or not overweight (above normal) by more than 10%
  • BMI [1] is significant.

Examples of potential good fits for LipoContrast DUO®

Indications de la cryolipolyse
Indications de la cryolipolyse

Examples of patients who would respond poorly

  • Excessive fat :
Indications de la cryolipolyse
  • insufficient fat :
Indications de la cryolipolyse

Publication date: 2020-05-28