Aestetical treatment prices

Onychomycosis treatment price

The Center Laser Sorbonne did not do this treatment anymore.

Using a laser to treat nail fungus is an alternative to "classic" treatments.
The nail fungus laser only treats proven fungal infections : this is why it is strongly recommended to take a sample and produce a laboratory culture beforehand to be sure that we are in the presence of onychomycosis and not of micro trauma, psoriasis or any other type of onychopathy.

Before your Nail fungus laser treatment
Before you can start laser treatment for nail fungus, the toenails will be carefully ground by a podiatrist, reducing its thickness so that the laser’s heat can reach the subungual tissue.
All toenails and / or hand nails will be treated to limit the risk of contamination to other toes or fingers.
This preparation of the nails is generally invoiced between €30 and €40 by the podiatrist.
Aestetical consultation
First consultation 45€
Laser treatment
1 foot or hand 170€/session
2 feet or hands 200€/session

Publication date: 2020-06-09