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Kleresca acne treatment

The Center Laser Sorbonne did not do this treatment anymore.

Kleresca is a non-invasive biophotonic treatment [1] for acne. It exploits the natural power of light to target skin imperfections, for smoother, more luminous and younger-looking skin.
It can be used throughout the year and on all skin types in the case of moderate to severe inflammatory acne.
How does this new technology work ?

Kleresca acne treatment

Acne treatment with Kleresca

Kleresca acne treatment addresses several factors that cause acne :

  • It destroys the bacteria responsible for acne (P. acnes)
  • Reduces inflammation of your skin
  • Reduces marks and scars by increasing the production of collagen
  • Normalizes cellular activity
  • From the age of 14

Kleresca® uses the energy of fluorescent light and a special topical gel to activate the collagen-producing cells in your skin, which helps it heal and renew itself.
This process works similarly to photosynthesis in plants and accelerates the skin’s natural healing process, including the production of collagen.
The treatment of Kleresca for acne is an effective treatment for patients who cannot or do not wish to receive treatment with oral isotretinoin (drug treatment) or other powerful treatments for oral acne or topical. Kleresca acne treatment is suitable for patients with moderate to severe acne, especially inflammatory lesions (except cystic acne). It can be applied to treat acne on the face, back or chest.

How is the Kleresca acne session going ?

    Step 1 :

First, your skin is gently cleansed, then a gel is applied.

    Step 2 :

Make yourself comfortable : lie down and relax under a special lamp for nine minutes.

    Step 3 :

Finally, the gel is carefully removed and your skin is cleansed and hydrated.

The treatment is comfortable and pleasant and you can resume your activities immediately.
The treatment involves the application of a biophotonic gel, then exposure under a specific Kleresca LED lamp at several wavelengths for 2 times nine minutes.

Contraindications Kleresca

It is important to tell your doctor if you have :

  • Epilepsy or light-triggered epilepsy attack
  • Acute or cutaneous porphyria
  • Chronic cutaneous or discoid lupus
  • Photosensitive eczema
  • Hypomelanosis (albinism)
  • Hyperpigmentation (such as melasma, solar lentigo (age spots), etc.)
  • Eye disease or retinal abnormalities
  • Diseases or skin problems
  • Genital herpes
  • Migraines
  • Pregnant woman as a contraindication in principle

After acne treatment with Kleresca

Before/After Kleresca acne treatment

The treatment is designed to treat moderate to severe inflammatory acne. It is usually given once a week for six weeks, but the healing effects continue to improve your skin for months.
The results of Kleresca® acne treatment are long-lasting. In clinical trials, Kleresca® has been shown to be highly effective, particularly in patients with moderate to severe inflammatory acne. 90% of patients saw improvement of at least 1 grade IGA or more, more than 50% of patients saw improvement of at least 2 IGA levels of their acne and 33% recovered almost clear skin.

The cost of your Kleresca acne treatment

A first consultation by one of the doctors of the Center is essential (45 € TTC) in order to verify that this treatment is appropriate in your case
The complete protocol generally includes six sessions at a rate of € 250 including tax / session.
A detailed estimate will be given to you during your first aesthetic consultation at the Center Laser Sorbonne.

Publication date: 2020-05-29

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    Acne - Scars - Stretch marks

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