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FAQ Vaginal treatments

Disorders impacting female genitalia remain a taboo subject. However, with age, women undergo a modification of their genitalia, which can manifest in a relaxation of the tissues, vaginal dryness, a change in the appearance of the vulva or a loss of the tone of the vaginal walls which may cause difficulties during sexual intercourse.
SmaXel Fractional CO2 laser treatment can be an excellent solution in many cases.

- What are the causes of vaginal or vulvar sagging?
Pregnancy and childbirth can induce trauma, which can lead to loss of vaginal tone. This slackening is more likely to occur after multiple pregnancies or after the delivery with or without forceps of a large baby.
- What can cause vaginal dryness?
With age, hormonal changes, or radiation therapy, some patients may experience loss of vaginal lubrication, which results in painful intercourse.
- Your consultation for a treatment of female intimacy
It is completely normal to feel a certain apprehension, please do not hesitate to discuss this with your doctor. Be sure to ask all your questions. It is very important that you understand all aspects of the vaginal or vulvar rejuvenation protocol. During your vaginal or vulvar rejuvenation consultation, be sure to bring the results of your most recent pap smear.
- Are vaginal treatments painful and do I need anesthesia during or after treatment?
The treatment is usually not painful. It is undertaken without anesthesia for the vagina, but requires a numbing cream for the vulva. A healing cream will need to be applied to the vulva after the procedure.
- And after my vaginal treatment?
Some women may report mild discomfort for a few days after laser treatment. Some patients may experience vaginal discharge for a few days after treatment depending on the device used, and patients may be encouraged to refrain from penetrative intercourse and the use of tampons for four days after treatment.
- Will I notice results right away?
The laser stimulates the collagen-producing cells in your vaginal tissue. It produces a tightening effect and the first results will be achieved after about 1 month. SmaXel laser treatment may cause some redness on the mucosa for a few days.
- What is the classic protocol for vaginal or vulvar rejuvenation?
The recommended protocol is 3 sessions. A follow-up session may be required after 6 or 12 months to maintain the results.

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Publication date: 2020-06-09

  • FAQ Vaginal treatments
    FAQ on Centre Laser Sorbonne treatments

    FAQ Vaginal treatments

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    FAQ on Centre Laser Sorbonne treatments


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