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FAQ Hair removal

- Is it necessary to have a preliminary test?
No, such a test is not mandatory. However, the doctor may suggest one during your initial visit depending on your skin and the treatment planned. It will be performed free of charge.
- How many sessions should I expect, and how often?
For hair removal, an average of five or six sessions is generally needed to obtain long-lasting and satisfactory results. Most usually, the second session is scheduled one month after the first, and the third session two months later. Further treatment is scheduled only in the case of new hair growth.
- Is there such a thing as permanent hair removal?
Given the present state of knowledge and the experience of medical teams in this type of treatment, it is now possible to confirm that hairs treated by laser do not grow back. The difficulty resides in the completeness of the treatment. Certain patients may have persistent hairs which can be eliminated by thermolysis. Unlike hair removal procedures using IPL, which cannot be performed on darker skins and will not achieve permanent results, lasers will deliver more long-lasting results.
- Is it really necessary to go to a medical laser centre to have hair removed by laser?
It is the only place where you will find all the best conditions to obtain quality results: a medical team skilled in laser technology, accustomed to performing these procedures and able to offer you follow-up care when necessary. A diversified technical platform, perfectly maintained by the manufacturers, ensures your safety and the effectiveness of the care offered.
- Why should I choose a doctor for laser hair removal?
The effective lasers available on the market are powerful and may be dangerous if non-specialists operate them or set the parameters.
- Are there any contraindications for laser treatment?
Before treatment, patients are strictly advised not to expose areas to be treated to the sun or to any sort of UV treatment. Likewise, the recent use of self-tanning products or suntan activators is incompatible with undertaking treatment. In addition, doctors will ask if you are currently taking any photosensitive medication. The doctor will determine your treatment’s start date during your initial appointment.
- I am under eighteen. Is it alright for me to begin laser hair removal?
{{Yes}}, this is possible. However, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during your initial visit.
- Can anybody undergo hair removal by laser ?
The darker the hair and the lighter the skin, the better the results of laser treatment. However, the Centre is equipped with 6 different lasers, including 3 for dark skins. At your first appointment the doctor will explain the results that you can expect, depending on the nature of your skin and hair.
- Why are men and women priced differently for laser hair removal treatment?
The price of a session depends on the size of the surface treated, which explains why the price is slightly higher for men in the case of certain treatments, for example, hair removal.

Publication date: 2020-05-28

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