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Spider angioma is characterized by a red lesion with a central arteriole from which radiate fine branches resembling the legs of a spider. They often occur on the face but also on the forearms, the back of the hands and the fingers. Spider angiomas are found on children as well as adults. Frequent among pregnant women, they often disappear after birth.

Cherry angioma, also known as the Campbell de Morgan spot, consists of a benign red vascular micro-papule measuring 1-2 mm in diameter. Appearing progressively after the age of ten, these angiomas are most often found on the trunk. They do not disappear on vitropression.

Port-wine stains (naevus flammeus or angioma simplex) are a vascular malformation caused by a dilation of blood vessels in the dermis. Appearing at birth, the lesion becomes larger as the child grows and lasts his whole life. Its size varies, as does its color, from pale pink to dark red or purple.

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Cherry angioma Centre Laser Sorbonne

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Spider angioma Centre Laser Sorbonne

Spider and Cherry Angioma Laser Treatment

At the Centre Laser Sorbonne in Paris we principally use two types of vasculary lasers :
- a KTP Viridis Derma laser from Quantel Medical. Its wavelength of 532 nm is ideal for the treatment of vascular lesions. It acts on the principle of photocoagulation.
- the Nd YAG laser - ACCLAIM from Cynosure 1064 nm refresh by CRIOJET which is a reference.

Different lasers may be necessary in other cases, depending on the size and depth of the lesions.
If this is the case, the doctor will inform you during your consultation at the Centre.

Cherry & Spider Vein Laser Treatment Session

centre Laser Sorbonne: Cherry angioma treatment

Treatment usually involves one or two sessions of about twenty minutes spaced four to six weeks apart. It requires the use of protective eyewear by the patient and the practitioner.
After cleansing the area, the doctor will treat the angiomas with a pen-type handpiece. A hydrating cream is applied to the skin at the end of the session.

Potential counter-indications

- An active infection in the area to be treated
- An outbreak of inflammatory rosacea
- Tanned skin
- A history of keloids
- Phototypes 5 and 6
- Pregnancy constitutes a counter-indication as a matter of principle.

After treatment …

An erythema (redness) and a hot sensation are always experienced. A slight edema (swelling) appears around the treated area. Tiny crusts may appear as of the second day. They must not be removed. The treated area must not be exposed to the sun for a month after treatment.

The cost of your treatment

Your first appointment will be a medical consultation and will be invoiced 45 € TTC.
It depends on the size of the lesions and the number of sessions. The doctor will give you a personalized estimate upon your first visit. As an indication, a fifteen-minute session costs approximately 120 €.

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